Sunday, September 6, 2009


.......Latika closed her eyes, but that only made the dreadful picture all the more clear. What in the world, or wherever she was, could she do now? She tried to think (thank goodness her brain seemed to be alright) of all that she had learned in those few minutes...Somehow she had been turned into a Cyborg, or something similar, she was surrounded by darkness except for the lamp, she couldn't move a muscle, or spring or something metal or...Lets not freak out quite yet, she told herself, taking a shaky breath. She felt something start to vibrate in her neck and all down her right side. Suddenly she sat up. She could move again! But for a second her brain moved way too fast, and she laid back down again.
"Ah, you are healing fast, Latika." That horrible voice again. Her neck twitched as she tried to speak again. The vibrating got stronger, and some sort of sound, maybe a metallic sounding moan, came out.
"Now now, no time for questions. In fact, I've come to give answers to what is whirling about in your head." A dream. Yes, it had to be a dream. That thought was a little comforting. A Weird dream...and creepy...and scary...
"No, this isn't a dream, too bad for you. But when you think about it, it's actually rather exciting." How did she know that? "I just do, dear." That was the creepiest thing Latika had ever imagined. No, worse. "Hardly worse." Now it was annoying. If you know what I'm thinking, keep it to yourself! she "said" miserably. "I suppose that was sort you put it, "creepy", the Cyborg replied. "But, now for the explaining." "I'm prepared," Latika tried to say, but it came out more like, "Igmmarrebl mmblem."
"Good. Now, I know you're wondering what happened, and I'm going to explain everything. But first I need the bracelet." Bracelet. Oh! Now Latika remembered everything. "Good, I had hoped you would remember. Hmmm....snow troll....Brixie (Latika gulped). How can you do that? Latika wondered. "Well, It's sort of hard to explain and I share the same brain." Latika widened her eyes and a creepy feeling washed over her. But the weird Cyborg continued only too joyfully. "You see, three gazillibillimillian years ago, our race first begun. We were weak at first, but we slowly gained power over all others except...well, the most powerful races. We have tried turning every race into Cyborgs, but we need more power. The power comes from gnomes. Surprising, but in all of you there is a tiny substance called dreabalum. For you, it helps keep you from dying by sicknesses, for us it is a drug that makes all of us invincible. My ancestors discovered it when they made the first gnome Cyborg. Unfortunately, gnomes are very hard to find, and we haven't found anymore...until now. We are hoping to clone an entire army from you."
An entire clone army? Oh, where was Brixie?

Brixie followed wearily behind Jeyan when he suddenly stopped. Was that a hidden cave ahead?.......