Sunday, September 6, 2009


Boom! What was that noise? Boom! Their it was again. What could it be? Where was she? Who was she.. Latika, she thought. She felt cold. It was really dark. Her head was spinning. It felt like it had been pounded into a brick wall. Had it? She couldn't remember. Boom! She really should find out what that sound was, but maybe.... "I’ll take a nap first" she thought.

Brixie brushed her hair out of her face and moaned. She had been alone for days. Searching for Latika had been harder then she thought. She had no clue were the robot had taken Latika. She didn't even know if she was still in this realm.

Boom! It woke Latika up again. This time it was a little lighter. Her head still throbbed. She tired to rub her eyes but couldn’t get her arms to move. Fuzziness cleared like only a good adrenalin rush can do. She again tried to move her arms but they still wouldn’t budge. She tried to turn her head but she couldn’t. She was panicking, her mind was working fine but she couldn’t move! Latika tried to look around with her stationary vision. All she could see was a metal lamp. She could feel that she was laying at a 120 degree angle in a awkwardly comfortable chair.
"Finally you are awake!" said a raspy female voice.
"Who are you?" Latika tried to ask but couldn’t get the sound through her lips to sound anything more then a slight gasp.
"Ah, So you wish to speak, oh well, their will be time for that later" the voice said " But for now you will have to the listening while I do the talking". We found you in a robotics lab in the du’nkoff region, during one of our raids", You were well lets just say missing a few" here she paused, "Limbs"
"Limbs? What was she talking about? Is that why she couldn’t move anything?" Latika thought.
"Oh, but don’t worry, we fixed you!" said the voice now sounding quite pleased. Suddenly the woman bent over so she could see her face.
Latika gasped, or she tried to, but still couldn’t move her mouth to make a sound. The woman, or whatever she was looked down at Latika with a wolf like smile. She was average looking except for her hair which was flouting above her head like it was under water and was iridescent blue. And her eyes, which were completely deep burgundy. She clicked a button on the side of the chair and Latika’s chair sped into an upright position. She could now see the rest of the woman. She was wearing a long green dress, with a silver belt. She was very tall, and she was floating! The woman had something silvery in her hand. She held it up so Latika could see, it was a mirror. Latika would have screamed if she could, she.... her face!.... Her eyes!.......
"I hope you like it, well, you will have to I guess. Take a good look at the new you!" The woman let out an evil giggle. Set the mirror down and "floated away".

Latika couldn’t get the picture out of her head. At first glance one might not notice a difference, except for the burgundy eyes, and the silvery glint of metallic skin over one cheek and all down her neck. They had turned her into a cyborg! She had heard that in some realms the cyborgs and robots had been at war, but she had never actually seen an antigravitational cyborg.


  1. Um... Ok. Good job. Liked it. That was weird.


  2. Well, maybe Hayley thinks it's weird, but I really like it...It was a little weird, though.