Monday, June 29, 2009


"Do you have a jacket?" Latika asked Brixie over the loud noise of the hoverbug.
They had been flying to Mt. Fuji for over 5 hours. Brixie had been very surprised to here that they were going to the realm of man, but as Latika had put it "Man will be too busy setting off fire works to notice two tiny creatures in Japan".
After talking to the council of Gnomeia, the Elders told them how to find the Magic Bracelet of Black Diamonds.
"To insure the security of the bracelet we hid it in a cave in another realm." said an ancient looking gnome with a very long beard.
"How will we find it?" asked Latika "there are millions of caves is the realm of man."
"We will give you a map and a hoverbug." Another younger female gnome said.
A hoverbug is a circular bubble with wings that can transport creatures to other realms, Illegal in most realms, but allowed by the Council for special missions.
"Were will it take us in the land of man?" Brixie asked
"Japan." Said the first old gnome. "Now go quickly the rest of your instructions will be with the map."
With that Latika and Brixie had gone for the hoverbug pad and left.

"No" replied Brixie to Latika’s question about having a jacket.
"Hum, well then have you ever wanted to go shopping in Japan before?"
"But no one would sell us anything!" Brixie said caustically
"Well, they wouldn’t notice anything was gone, and plus we would return it when we were done!" Brixie was not satisfied with the idea of stealing. So Latika agreed to leave money.

Soon they were in the hubbub of Japan. There were people everywhere. It was New Years Eve so parades and fire works sounded everywhere. Colors of red, yellow, and gold were worn, hung, held, danced, eaten, and exploded were ever you looked. Like Latika had said no one noticed them. They had soon found a man selling toys and when he wasn’t looking they took two small sets of doll clothing and left some gnome money. Going behind a blossoming tree the two stuck on their matching black Pullip doll parkas. They fit perfect but were too warm so Latika went back to get some clothing for the moment. Soon they were both happily walking back to the hoverbug in red, yellow, and gold Kimonos and Obis caring their parkas for later.
It only look minutes to get from Tokyo to the very top of Mt. Fuji. Putting back on their parkas and skis they set off down their trek to the cave. Brixie had never skied before but caught on quickly, having water skied with her friends back home. But Latika had been lots of times before. She was flying over jumps, down moguls, through trees, than would come to an abrupt stop and wait for Brixie to catch up. Being so small the space they could cover on skies was a short distance. It took awhile but they soon came to the entrance of a cave. Looking at the map again Latika had said she was sure this was it. They started slowly skiing in.
"Do you hear that?" asked Brixie.
"No what?"
"That strange noise!" suddenly Brixie saw it and a moment later so did Latika. Laying in front of them was a giant snoring snow troll....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Army of Salmar unleashed

.......Brixie tried to let out a scream, but dirty fingers clamped over her mouth and she struggled in protest, but to no avail. She was spun around against her will, and a fat arm held her tightly against her captors chest. The dagger was now at her throat, and she dared not move lest it cut her severely. Whatever it was that held her started dragging her back into some thick shrubbery. Latika and the gnomes had started moving away, taking no notice of where Brixie had gone. For a split second, her captors grip on her mouth loosened, and she took the opportunity to let out a muffled yell. Latika spun around, and seeing Brixie disappear through the trees, she grabbed her sword from the camelemus saddle(for all falens carry finely wrought swords with them or near them) and ran towards them. Upon reaching them, she executed a fine, precise slice above Brixie's head. A cry of pain came from above her, and the grip was loosed considerably. Brixie slipped away quickly ran behind a tree and watched the fight unfolding before her. She finally got a good look at her enemy and gasped. "How did Dwank get here so fast?" She thought, perplexed. He pulled out a rusty looking sword, if it could be called that, and clumsily parried a quick thrust, holding his bleeding forehead with his other hand. Brixie nervously fluttered her bruised wings as Dwank attempted a sword man's stance and thrust at Latika's stomach. Latika parried, swept Dwanks sword out of his hand in an impressive move and sliced his arm in a serious, but not fatal wound. Gasping, Dwank collapsed in a prone position and looked incredulously at Latika. "You," He said in a loud hoarse whisper laced with pain," you will be sorry for this. I have unleashed the Salmar army!" he finished, an evil smile growing on his bloodstained face. Latika gasped, her lovely face overcome with fear. "Why would you do such a thing? They will destroy you just as soon as they would destroy me!"
"I am no ordinary ezrel, I am part of the secret society of the ever growing forces of Duraman's worshipers! He told me how to unleash them, for he judged that this Third world of the Mysticism has need to be destroyed!"
"No, it cannot be! You have broken the spell? You are condemned to a horrible death!"Latika yelled, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. "No!" Dwank gave an evil laugh "For I have sacrificed my life only to go to the chasms of the dead, not the death that was prophesied!"
With that Dwank took the dagger and rolled over onto his back, held the dagger above him, and plunged it downward. Brixie screamed and turned around so she would not have to witness Dwanks death. Latika was silent, and Brixie slowly turned around. Dwank lay motionless in front of the falen, and Brixie ran over to stay by Latikas side. Latika was silently weeping, the tears pouring down her face unstopped. "What was that all about?" Brixie asked, not sorry to see Dwank dead. Latika gently took her hand and led her back to where they had first met the gnomes who were hiding in one of the many elaborate tree houses that was the safe haven for all captured fairies. Walking up to the giant tree that held the biggest one, Latika, still holding her hand, gave a soft whistle. A bottom section of the tree house opened and a long, thin rope, that looked like spiders silk twisted together, came down. Latika grabbed Brixie and gently swung her up on her back. The Falen nimbly and quickly climbed the rope and they were soon in the woodland creation. Brixie gasped at what she saw. Other levels and decks led from one tree to another, interconnecting all of them together. The tree houses led on in different directions as far as the eye could see. Once off Latika's back, Brixie ran to a small deck protruding out of the leafy canopy. A sparkling mountain range rose above them, hardly a mile or so away. Cool waterfalls, some thousands of feet tall, ran down the nearest mountains, coming down into various pools and streams. A fire elf or two buzzed by. Some trees were just beginning to turn color, a sign cold weather was not far away. An enchanting breeze filled with calming scents blew her short hair out of her face. Ferns were in abundance on the forest floor, with strange looking flowers poking out everywhere in between them. The nearest pool was only a few yards away, and sprites and pixies swimming in the water or playing by it's side looked up shyly. Latika came and stood next to her, letting her drink the beauty in. After a moment of peaceful silence Latika looked down at her. "It's time I answered the question you asked me a few minutes ago, and to do this, you'll need to know the history of this, the Third World of Mysticism."
Latika led her back under the leaves of the tree, and walked over to what looked like a desk. Scrolls, books, papers, inkwells and the like littered the large piece of furniture, and Latika picked the largest of the scrolls, yellowed and wrinkled with time, and sat down on the floor, unrolling it before her and motioning Brixie to come by her side.
"See this?" she said, moving her arm in a sweeping motion above the scroll "this is the first chronicles of the history of The Third World that we are in now, as well as the history of Middle Earth, the second world. Middle Earth was one of many races. Men, elves, wizards, orcs, nazgul, they all were there. The tale of Middle Earths greatest adventure, The Lord of the Rings, is recorded in this scroll in a three part story, concerning the Grand adventure in which the race of hobbits saved the world from complete destruction. But alas, that world faded out of view as races died out, elves and men retreated to the land beyond the sun. As a last hope, the last elders of all kind met together, and created new creatures, new places, races of different kinds."
Latika paused and took a deep breath. "The Elder Dura, ancestor of the evil Lord Duraman, created evil monsters and hideous creatures, like the ezrel, so he could gain power over the new world. Before he was done the other elders found him out, bound his most evil forces with a spell, and killed him, but not before he freed a few, and penned these words." Latika pointed to a portion of the scroll, where, in faded letters, was written,

"I, Dura of the last days of Middle Earth, hereby cast a spell over the spell that has bound my great army in the chasms of the dead, that when the servants of my descendants unlink the magic bracelet of black diamonds, and declare my army unleashed, then they shall kill all in their path, till they have destroyed all and the Third World is no longer in existence. I shall have revenge even when I am dead!"

The room was completely silent. Brixie now understood the impending disaster and Latika's tears. The third world would be destroyed if they didn't do something fast............

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


...........For hours it seemed, Brixie stared at the sand dunes with a hurt expression that Latika knew was supposed to make her say I'm sorry, but Latika knew it wouldn't last forever. And, as Googlie-Shnookums paused to take a breath, Brixie finally turned to talk to Latika. Her hair was so hideously short that Latika had to hold her breath to keep from bursting out laughing. It was a good thing Brixie didn't notice. "Well, You've got to say something, Brixie," Latika said, trying to sound forgiving and patient, though she didn't want to forgive her at the moment. "Well, alright," Brixie sighed, "as long as you stop looking at me like you're gonna burst out laughing at any moment." Latika smiled, tuened back around, and said happily over her shoulder, "I think that can be arranged." Googlie was moving again, and in the distance Brixie could see a thin line of green. "Latika, where are we going?" Brixie felt dumb now, for not thinking of asking that question a little sooner. Latika took awhile before she answered-Brixie wondered if Latika was rolling her eyes at her-but then said finally, "To my homeland in Gnomeia, where you will be well taken care of while I rescue more fairytale creatures and bring them back like you." Brixie didn't want to admit it, but she was going to miss talking to Latika. Then, suddenly, as Brixie realized that she was finally free from slavery, a tear rolled down her pretty pink cheek and she wondered if that freedom would last forever. She quickly wiped it away along with her thoughts, and decided to think about her new home, Gnomeia. Now, Camelemues might not be the brightest creatures, but they are fast, and it took no time at all to arrive in Gnomeia, which just happened to be the greenest place Brixie had ever seen. The two travelers hopped off Googlie and Latika called,"Doomie, Kooru, Nahla, I rescued another one!" Suddenly, three faces appeared from behind a bush. The littlest one walked around the bush and offered a hand to Brixie. Brixie took it, and as she did the little gnome blushed. "A pleasure to meet you," Brixie said as she shook each of the gnomes' tiny hands. "Well, Latika, you've done it again," said the biggest one of the bunch. "Ah, it was nothing, Doomie. I only knocked out a really mean, vicious, gnome-eating guard as I lifted Brixie off the ground and carried her to my sweet, precious Googlie-Shnookums." "Oh, Latika, you're soo lucky to be a Fetcher!" Doomie sighed, and Brixie smiled and left Latika to tell of her "heroic" tale, and instead decided to explore her new home. But as soon as she turned around, she felt the cold, sharp tip of a dagger at her back, and a raspy voice whispered in her ear, "Where do you think you're going, Brixie?"...............

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Strange Beast

. The Ezrel
Sun beat through the small cage window and Brixie could almost remember and time when the warmth of summer brought joy not dread. It had been two years since Brixie had been a captive of the Ezrel, long, hard years. Brixie could taste something coming though, good? Bad? she could not tell, but change was soon on its way."Wake up you dumb nymph, time to whisper!" Dwank, like all Ezrels had a long nose stinking out of his green turban wrapped around his face. He was about 4 foot, an average height, not incredibly bright, but with with a sharp temper and very quick to jump in a "good" brawl. Ezrels are from the desert so they ride beetamels to carry their trade, which means they have to catch nymphs to whisper into the beetamels short ears to get them to move. Beetamels are stubborn beasts, short, fat, and will never do anything unless encouraged with sweat haikus. An unknown fact is that nymphs are excellant haikuers, coming from Japan. So, to be able to use the best pack creatures in the land, Ezrels must inslave nymphs to whisper to the beetamels.Brixie was standing up to leave her small cage when she heard a loud thump."What was that?" asked Dwank. Not knowing she shook her head and leaned out the door. There was another thump and Dwank fell face first in the sand. Birxie gave an yelp and backed up to the wall of her cage. Suddenly a small face appeared."Sorry if I scared you, but my name is Latika, daughter of Neema of the Falens order nom. 6 and I'm here to rescue you. I hope you don't mind that I knocked out your friend, but he was in the way"."Oh, he wasn't my friend. Why are you here?" asked Brixie."Duh, I'm a Falen..." Being met with a unenlightened look Latika went on "Falens are gnomes on a mission to rescue all fairy tale creatures from enslavement. Come on we need to leave before he wakes up angry." Before Brixie could protest Latika had grabbed her hand and they were both running across the hot sand."Wait" shouted Brixie "My wings are still bound, we need to get the key, it's in Dwank's pocket!""OK, you stay here I'll go get them" Latika ran back towards the Ezral camp but stopped. Brixie noticed then, were had Dwank gone? Suddenly Brixie felt warm fingers clamp around her and she screamed"............

.....then realized they were not fingers at all, but the flappy lips of a Camelemu, a sort of Camel/Emu beast. The Camelemu was attempting to chew her flaming red hair.
"AAAH! Stop it, you horrible beast!" She slapped its feathered, hairy muzzle/beak to no avail. It stared at her with milky brown eyes and made an odd mooing, (or maybe more of a honking) noise, while continuing to slobber on her hair. She tried turning around and began beating the freak of nature with her fists. "Ahhh! Ahhhh! Let me go, you, you-!" Suddenly a small voice interrupted her.
"What do you think you're doing to my poor Googlie-Shnookums?! My poor precious pet!"
Brixie gasped. "Latika?! This awful, stinking, slobbery animal is yours?
Latika was quickly rushing toward her pet, talking as she did so. "Yes! And he isn't awful, nor stinking, nor slobbery! Googlie, stop eating her hair!"
The haired-and-feathered creature honked (or maybe more mooed) and released Brixie's now thouroughly-munched hair. Lifting it up gingerly with utter disgust, she let out a wail.
"Ohh, no! My's....not what it once was."
Latika tried to hide her chuckles as she gathered the reins on Camelemu. "Oh dear, you're right. It's only about five or so inches shorter. It'll grow, no worries. But my poor Googlie! His feelings will be wounded forevermore." As if in morose agreement, the Camelemu let out a long breathy sigh, in which Brixie almost retched at his rank breath.
"'It will grow'?! Why, if you hadn't of rescued me from slavery, I would sing a haiku right now that would make your hair fall out completely! ( for the haiku-singing nymphs were known for their ability to sing at such outlandishly high notes that any hairy thing within a five mile radius would suddenly be hairless ) Harrumph!"
Latika then felt pity on Brixie, for she really did look a sight. "Oh, come now, let's not be too upset. We can ride on my dear sweet Googlie-Shnookums until we get out of this blasted desert, and then you will be free!"
Brixie could not refuse the offer of freedom, so with a glare at Latika (although she actually wasn't quite so angry anymore) she hopped up onto the Camelemu's ornate saddle. Lifting her chin up, she stared off into the distance, acting hurt. Latika ignored her pity party and also sat on the saddle.
"We're off!" .............