Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Battling The Enemy

Brixie screamed once again as they came closer. Oh, how she wished that Latika would wake up! The snakes hissed and one of them tried to bite her. She jumped back just in time to miss the horrible teeth. Brixie wanted to run, but could not bring herself to leave Latika. Then she noticed Latika's sword in her hand. Brixie grabbed the sword and waved it in front of her. It was heavy and felt weird in her hand. The snakes backed off, but only for a little while. They once again closed in on her, hissing. Brixie thought that the hissing sounded odd for snakes. Brixie shivered as a loud roar behind her sounded. The snakes hissed again and slid into the bushes. Brixie spun around to see what roared. A lionish creature with wing's and six legs stood behind her. Brixie could not believe what she heard as the creature spoke." Thank you." It said in a deep voice." You have brought us hope."" Who are you?" Brixie asked. The creature sighed." I was once an enemy of your people. I was a snake like creature. I did not want fight you. Suddenly I became a lion, along with a few others. Because I turned to the good side." Brixie nodded, understanding. " Can you help my friend?" Brixie asked. The creature said nothing. Brixie looked pleadingly at the creature. The creature, taken by her look, stepped towards Latika. He stood very still. His mane glowed and Latika's cut on her forehead disappeared. Moaning she sat up. She looked at the creature, amazed. " It's alright." Brixie said. Latika just nodded." What is your name?" Brixie asked." I have no name." He replied." May I give you one?" The lion nodded. Brixie thought for a moment." May I call you Jeyan?" Jeyan nodded. Suddenly a loud thump behind them startled them. The robot was back. " Get on my back." He shouted." What about the bracelet?" Latika said, waking from her daze." There is a place were you can turn the robot off." Jeyan said crouching low on the ground. Latika hesitated, but not for long. They climbed on, and Jeyan took off. The robot reached for them, but Jeyan was to high in the air. Brixie could feel Jeyan's muscles vibrating underneath her." Hang on." He said and dove to the ground. But the robot was right underneath them! Brixie screamed as it reached out. Jeyan went up and roared as the robot almost grabbed his leg. The robot ran underneath them, not willing to let them escape. Brixie could see the bracelet on his finger's. The robot jumped up, almost getting Jeyan's wing. Then Brixie had an idea. When the robot jumped up again, she reached for his hand!" What are you doing?" Latika shouted. She pulled her back, but Brixie reached out again. Then she had it! The bracelet was in her finger's! The robot roared and suddenly grew taller! Frightened, Brixie handed the bracelet to Latika, which proved to be a sad mistake. The robot reached for Latika! Latika's scream faded away as the robot carried her away!" Nooo..." Brixie shouted...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Freezing Tempratures

...............Brixie screamed, then covered her mouth with her hands. The snow troll stopped snoring and opened one wicked red eye. It growled, sounding exactly like a train (or perhaps it was a train passing nearby) and opened its other eye. Brixie's heart stopped as it slowly stood up to its full height, nearly 15 feet tall, unbelievably tall compared to little gnomes. Latika fumbled for her sword, though Brixie knew she would be no match for the hideous beast standing before them. Latika drew her sword and hissed, "Help, Brixie, don't just stand there!" Brixie marveled at Latika's bravery and courage, and strung the bow she had brought on the trip. "Ready," Latika whispered. The snow monster took a giant step forward and snarled. "Set." It raised its arm for a fatal blow. "Now!"
Latika ran forward and Brixie loosed an arrow. The arrow struck the beast's neck, but bounced off without doing the animal any harm whatsoever. It's arm swiped down and struck Latika, causing her to fly backward and out of the cave. A scream tore from Brixie's lips as she jumped up on the beast's arm and thrust an arrow into it. Strangely, instead of blood, the arrow hit something hard and made a clanging sound. Brixie's eyes widened as she realized the beast was a robot, probably programmed to stop them from finding the Magic Bracelet of Black Diamonds. So far, it was succeeding. She was just about to jump off when she spotted something shiny on one of the robot's metal claws. The bracelet, thought Brixie. She reached down, but just before she grabbed the bracelet, the robot grabbed her with its other hand and threw her out the cave.
She flew through through the air at an alarming speed. Fortunately, she landed in one of the many snowdrifts about halfway down the rest of the mountain. Stars floated everywhere. Groaning from the pain, she managed to clear her vision and looked around. There wasn't much more than lots of white and the large snowball rolling down the hill and heading straight for her. Brixie tried in vain to scramble out of the way, but the snowball, growing larger by the second, rolled right over her. She stuck to it and was pulled and rolled down the mountain. When it finally stopped, she couldn't move or see anything. She then realized the snow had packed her to the rest of the snowball, and the hard snow around her prevented moving or seeing more than a millimeter in any direction. Her arms and legs stuck out at weird angles. I need to dig my way out of here...somehow, she thought with a sigh.
Brixie started moving back and forth, back and forth, until she felt a cool breeze on her back. She pushed herself harder, and finally broke away, landing hard with a thump. She pushed herself to a sitting position, wincing when she felt a sharp pain up her spine. Something made a groaning noise, and Brixie jerked her head around. There it was again, strangely sounding like it was coming from the snowball. I bet Latika's in there! She thought, realizing the same thing that happened to her must have happened to her friend as well. She stood and started digging into the snowball frantically. Finally she found an arm, and eventually she dragged the rest of Latika out. Her friend's fingers and nose were blue, and she had a deadly-looking cut on her forehead. "Oh, Latika," she whispered, tears streaming down her face. Latika's breathing was irregular and jerky, scaring Brixie terribly. A rustle sounded, and Brixie looked up into the faces of many giant snakes, fangs sharp and dripping with poison.........