Monday, June 29, 2009


"Do you have a jacket?" Latika asked Brixie over the loud noise of the hoverbug.
They had been flying to Mt. Fuji for over 5 hours. Brixie had been very surprised to here that they were going to the realm of man, but as Latika had put it "Man will be too busy setting off fire works to notice two tiny creatures in Japan".
After talking to the council of Gnomeia, the Elders told them how to find the Magic Bracelet of Black Diamonds.
"To insure the security of the bracelet we hid it in a cave in another realm." said an ancient looking gnome with a very long beard.
"How will we find it?" asked Latika "there are millions of caves is the realm of man."
"We will give you a map and a hoverbug." Another younger female gnome said.
A hoverbug is a circular bubble with wings that can transport creatures to other realms, Illegal in most realms, but allowed by the Council for special missions.
"Were will it take us in the land of man?" Brixie asked
"Japan." Said the first old gnome. "Now go quickly the rest of your instructions will be with the map."
With that Latika and Brixie had gone for the hoverbug pad and left.

"No" replied Brixie to Latika’s question about having a jacket.
"Hum, well then have you ever wanted to go shopping in Japan before?"
"But no one would sell us anything!" Brixie said caustically
"Well, they wouldn’t notice anything was gone, and plus we would return it when we were done!" Brixie was not satisfied with the idea of stealing. So Latika agreed to leave money.

Soon they were in the hubbub of Japan. There were people everywhere. It was New Years Eve so parades and fire works sounded everywhere. Colors of red, yellow, and gold were worn, hung, held, danced, eaten, and exploded were ever you looked. Like Latika had said no one noticed them. They had soon found a man selling toys and when he wasn’t looking they took two small sets of doll clothing and left some gnome money. Going behind a blossoming tree the two stuck on their matching black Pullip doll parkas. They fit perfect but were too warm so Latika went back to get some clothing for the moment. Soon they were both happily walking back to the hoverbug in red, yellow, and gold Kimonos and Obis caring their parkas for later.
It only look minutes to get from Tokyo to the very top of Mt. Fuji. Putting back on their parkas and skis they set off down their trek to the cave. Brixie had never skied before but caught on quickly, having water skied with her friends back home. But Latika had been lots of times before. She was flying over jumps, down moguls, through trees, than would come to an abrupt stop and wait for Brixie to catch up. Being so small the space they could cover on skies was a short distance. It took awhile but they soon came to the entrance of a cave. Looking at the map again Latika had said she was sure this was it. They started slowly skiing in.
"Do you hear that?" asked Brixie.
"No what?"
"That strange noise!" suddenly Brixie saw it and a moment later so did Latika. Laying in front of them was a giant snoring snow troll....


  1. Wow, it was good, Megan! What made you think of them going to Japan? I like the idea.

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  3. Ha, what a coincidence! It was a very good story.

  4. that was so creative Megan!Jillian

  5. Yes, it is. Can't wait to read it!

  6. Yes, how does the story continue?!

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