Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Army of Salmar unleashed

.......Brixie tried to let out a scream, but dirty fingers clamped over her mouth and she struggled in protest, but to no avail. She was spun around against her will, and a fat arm held her tightly against her captors chest. The dagger was now at her throat, and she dared not move lest it cut her severely. Whatever it was that held her started dragging her back into some thick shrubbery. Latika and the gnomes had started moving away, taking no notice of where Brixie had gone. For a split second, her captors grip on her mouth loosened, and she took the opportunity to let out a muffled yell. Latika spun around, and seeing Brixie disappear through the trees, she grabbed her sword from the camelemus saddle(for all falens carry finely wrought swords with them or near them) and ran towards them. Upon reaching them, she executed a fine, precise slice above Brixie's head. A cry of pain came from above her, and the grip was loosed considerably. Brixie slipped away quickly ran behind a tree and watched the fight unfolding before her. She finally got a good look at her enemy and gasped. "How did Dwank get here so fast?" She thought, perplexed. He pulled out a rusty looking sword, if it could be called that, and clumsily parried a quick thrust, holding his bleeding forehead with his other hand. Brixie nervously fluttered her bruised wings as Dwank attempted a sword man's stance and thrust at Latika's stomach. Latika parried, swept Dwanks sword out of his hand in an impressive move and sliced his arm in a serious, but not fatal wound. Gasping, Dwank collapsed in a prone position and looked incredulously at Latika. "You," He said in a loud hoarse whisper laced with pain," you will be sorry for this. I have unleashed the Salmar army!" he finished, an evil smile growing on his bloodstained face. Latika gasped, her lovely face overcome with fear. "Why would you do such a thing? They will destroy you just as soon as they would destroy me!"
"I am no ordinary ezrel, I am part of the secret society of the ever growing forces of Duraman's worshipers! He told me how to unleash them, for he judged that this Third world of the Mysticism has need to be destroyed!"
"No, it cannot be! You have broken the spell? You are condemned to a horrible death!"Latika yelled, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. "No!" Dwank gave an evil laugh "For I have sacrificed my life only to go to the chasms of the dead, not the death that was prophesied!"
With that Dwank took the dagger and rolled over onto his back, held the dagger above him, and plunged it downward. Brixie screamed and turned around so she would not have to witness Dwanks death. Latika was silent, and Brixie slowly turned around. Dwank lay motionless in front of the falen, and Brixie ran over to stay by Latikas side. Latika was silently weeping, the tears pouring down her face unstopped. "What was that all about?" Brixie asked, not sorry to see Dwank dead. Latika gently took her hand and led her back to where they had first met the gnomes who were hiding in one of the many elaborate tree houses that was the safe haven for all captured fairies. Walking up to the giant tree that held the biggest one, Latika, still holding her hand, gave a soft whistle. A bottom section of the tree house opened and a long, thin rope, that looked like spiders silk twisted together, came down. Latika grabbed Brixie and gently swung her up on her back. The Falen nimbly and quickly climbed the rope and they were soon in the woodland creation. Brixie gasped at what she saw. Other levels and decks led from one tree to another, interconnecting all of them together. The tree houses led on in different directions as far as the eye could see. Once off Latika's back, Brixie ran to a small deck protruding out of the leafy canopy. A sparkling mountain range rose above them, hardly a mile or so away. Cool waterfalls, some thousands of feet tall, ran down the nearest mountains, coming down into various pools and streams. A fire elf or two buzzed by. Some trees were just beginning to turn color, a sign cold weather was not far away. An enchanting breeze filled with calming scents blew her short hair out of her face. Ferns were in abundance on the forest floor, with strange looking flowers poking out everywhere in between them. The nearest pool was only a few yards away, and sprites and pixies swimming in the water or playing by it's side looked up shyly. Latika came and stood next to her, letting her drink the beauty in. After a moment of peaceful silence Latika looked down at her. "It's time I answered the question you asked me a few minutes ago, and to do this, you'll need to know the history of this, the Third World of Mysticism."
Latika led her back under the leaves of the tree, and walked over to what looked like a desk. Scrolls, books, papers, inkwells and the like littered the large piece of furniture, and Latika picked the largest of the scrolls, yellowed and wrinkled with time, and sat down on the floor, unrolling it before her and motioning Brixie to come by her side.
"See this?" she said, moving her arm in a sweeping motion above the scroll "this is the first chronicles of the history of The Third World that we are in now, as well as the history of Middle Earth, the second world. Middle Earth was one of many races. Men, elves, wizards, orcs, nazgul, they all were there. The tale of Middle Earths greatest adventure, The Lord of the Rings, is recorded in this scroll in a three part story, concerning the Grand adventure in which the race of hobbits saved the world from complete destruction. But alas, that world faded out of view as races died out, elves and men retreated to the land beyond the sun. As a last hope, the last elders of all kind met together, and created new creatures, new places, races of different kinds."
Latika paused and took a deep breath. "The Elder Dura, ancestor of the evil Lord Duraman, created evil monsters and hideous creatures, like the ezrel, so he could gain power over the new world. Before he was done the other elders found him out, bound his most evil forces with a spell, and killed him, but not before he freed a few, and penned these words." Latika pointed to a portion of the scroll, where, in faded letters, was written,

"I, Dura of the last days of Middle Earth, hereby cast a spell over the spell that has bound my great army in the chasms of the dead, that when the servants of my descendants unlink the magic bracelet of black diamonds, and declare my army unleashed, then they shall kill all in their path, till they have destroyed all and the Third World is no longer in existence. I shall have revenge even when I am dead!"

The room was completely silent. Brixie now understood the impending disaster and Latika's tears. The third world would be destroyed if they didn't do something fast............


  1. Hope you don't mind that it's so long. I just kept going and going and going.......

  2. WOW! That was so good! I have a question, who wrote it? Jillian or Hayley?

  3. Oh, and does anyone know who is next?

  4. Well, I believe Da Frizz is next. Very mucho good writing! *clap clap* :-)

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  7. It was me, Jillian, who wrote it. Glad you liked it. :)

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