Saturday, May 30, 2009

1. The Ezrel

Sun beat through the small cage window and Brixie could almost remember and time when the warmth of summer brought joy not dread. It had been two years since Brixie had been a captive of the Ezrel, long, hard years. Brixie could taste something coming though, good? Bad? she could not tell, but change was soon on its way.
"Wake up you dumb nymph, time to whisper!" Dwank, like all Ezrels had a long nose stinking out of his green turban wrapped around his face. He was about 4 foot, an average height, not incredibly bright, but with with a sharp temper and very quick to jump in a "good" brawl. Ezrels are from the desert so they ride beetamels to carry their trade, which means they have to catch nymphs to whisper into the beetamels short ears to get them to move. Beetamels are stubborn beasts, short, fat, and will never do anything unless encouraged with sweat haikus. An unknown fact is that nymphs are excellant haikuers, coming from Japan. So, to be able to use the best pack creatures in the land, Ezrels must inslave nymphs to whisper to the beetamels.
Brixie was standing up to leave her small cage when she heard a loud thump.
"What was that?" asked Dwank. Not knowing she shook her head and leaned out the door. There was another thump and Dwank fell face first in the sand. Birxie gave an yelp and backed up to the wall of her cage. Suddenly a small face appeared.
"Sorry if I scared you, but my name is Latika, daughter of Neema of the Falens order nom. 6 and I'm here to rescue you. I hope you don't mind that I knocked out your friend, but he was in the way".
"Oh, he wasn't my friend. Why are you here?" asked Brixie.
"Duh, I'm a Falen..." Being met with a unenlightened look Latika went on "Falens are gnomes on a mission to rescue all fairy tale creatures from enslavement. Come on we need to leave before he wakes up angry." Before Brixie could protest Latika had grabbed her hand and they were both running across the hot sand.
"Wait" shouted Brixie "My wings are still bound, we need to get the key, it's in Dwank's pocket!"
"OK, you stay here I'll go get them" Latika ran back towards the Ezral camp but stopped. Brixie noticed then, were had Dwank went? Suddenly Brixie felt warm fingers clamp around her and she screamed"............


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